Everyone knows Aerosmith right? Right? Well if the name doesn’t ring a bell you probably should think about re-evaluating your life. Aerosmith, one of the most successful now ‘classic’ rock bands in the world are back after an eight year absence from the studio. Nobody really expects their 15th album Music From Another Dimension to be groundbreaking and truth be told it’s not.

There are a few tracks on here which might last a tour, maybe two tours before it gets stranded in the archive. ‘Luv XXX’ and ‘Out Go The Lights’ remind you of the Steven Tyler at his ruthless prime. Whilst on the flip side of things, the overdone vocals on ‘Beautiful’ are just embarrassing. It’s as if Tyler has let all the American Idol malarkey take over his own natural songwriting craft. Funnily enough the track that has most potential, ‘We All Fall Down’, is the one song they didn’t write themselves.

They do try to experiment a little (Country singer Carrie Underwood appears on lacklustre ballad ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’) but what really lacks is any real effort. The record just sounds a bit spiritless. Most of the tracks are like a collection of Rolling Stones worst b sides. The much talked about toxic twin chemistry between Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry is only really heard when they flow into an early blues jam on ‘Freedom Fighter’ citing their Big Joe Williams admiration. Apart from that you’re surprised they can stand in the same room as each other (they probably didn’t) Music From Another Dimension will keep the diehards from whingeing and gives Tyler and co a decent enough excuse to charge megabucks on the next inevitable world conquering tour. There’s just nothing as anthemic as ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ and nothing as hip shaking as ‘Walk This Way’. Aerosmith have aged so much that they’re lucky they can still shake their own hips in fact. If you’re expecting the record to be fresh, dynamic and modern. Prepare to be disappointed.

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