Bastille - BAD BLOOD ALBUM SLEEVEOpening on what could be an early contender for single of the year, ‘Pompeii’ explodes with it’s multiple catchy layers that will have you singing along at every conceivable moment. That song alone has resulted in the band making huge steps within the industry. The rest of debut album Bad Blood could make the band leap even further than that.

With an Alt-J like quirkiness singer Dan Smith’s intricate voice can go falsetto at just the right times, he has the ability to make even the simplest of lines undeniably memorable. Smith’s lyrics create beautiful imagery, he can capture moments so vivid that it feels like you’re sitting in the middle of a cinema watching what he describes.

Including Moby like synths and guitar hooks blurred to a My Bloody Valentine degree, Bastille clearly like to experiment but never go out of the pop rock realms on songs like ‘Flaws’ and ‘Icarus’. Much to the contrast of ‘Daniel in the Den’ that has a more upbeat almost folk inspired chorus, reminding you of another band of the moment in Fun.

What’s unfortunate about Bad Blood is that some songs like ‘Overjoyed’ and ‘Laura Palmer’ have been around for over a year, making the creativity of the band seem half-hearted and even a little lazy. Nevertheless they do fit in well with the new songs. Also the over use of auto tuning and background almost worship like chants gets so repetitive it feels predictable.

The album certainly has enough singles to make the band an even bigger name on the scene. Plus with festival slots and a sold out tour already sorted, Bad Blood firmly cements the notion that 2013 will be Bastille’s year.

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