For a long time legendary ska band Reel Big Fish have been criticised for playing just about the same old setlist tour after tour after tour, resulting in diminishing crowds and weaker reactions. Now that they’ve released new album Candy Coated Fury they attempt to successfully silence the critics and still keep the old fans pleased with an impressive career spanning twenty-five song setlist.

Supporting are Suburban Legends who certainly display an impressive CV having played Miley Cyrus’ 16th birthday party. The Californian ska band screams fun for all ages, complete with choreographed dance moves that even the punks in the crowd can’t help but smirk to. Even if they seem a little silly they still play with serious conviction as singer Vincent Walker croons his way through ‘Open Up Your Eyes’ and a remarkable cover of Lion King classic ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’ that gets everyone reminiscently singing along.

In no time at all Reel Big Fish are up and by the end of just one song the entire room is a sweaty mess. If there’s one thing that the venue should invest in, it’s air conditioning. Full of outlandish songs about drinking with your mates and ex-girlfriends that frontman Aaron Barrett jokingly claims to span from Nicki Minaj to Mariah Carey. Reel Big Fish are one of those bands who really do put excitement into their gigs and clearly don’t take life too seriously, they just want to have a good time as much as the crowd do and it shows with the Cheshire Cat sized smiles on their faces which never rub off. At no point do the band slow it down, as the night gets hotter the songs get faster culminating with a marvelous version of ‘S.R’ where they don’t get the fans just to skank but to circle pit, headbang and ho-down.

Ending on the much loved cover of A-Ha‘s ‘Take On Me’ to a stadium sized sing along Reel Big Fish end the night of a bit of blood, lots of sweat and even more beers in glorious fashion with everyone walking away saying how perfect not just their setlist was but their performance too.

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