If you’ve not heard of Pale Seas before, you soon will, and they should be on everyone’s ‘Bands-to-look-out-for’ list. Formed in 2011, the band has quite an impressive list of awards and gigs to their name. They’ve played BBC Radio 6 in session, have supported Stornoway on their March UK tour, and won the Spotify Grant at the Artist & Management Awards. With their dreamy indie melodies and charismatic frontman Jacob Scott, the band is heading towards higher grounds, and they are now looking at the release of their debut album later this year. Produced by Paul Butler, this record will mark another cornerstone in the band’s career.

Jacob, singer, guitarist and main songwriter, is at the heart of the project and has his own vision of where he wants his music to go. Inspired by the Velvet Underground his vision of the perfect drummer was someone who could hold a rhythm but not play drums. Strange, you might think. But it all makes sense when Jacob explains why. Drummers can have trouble restraining themselves, and this could have clouded Pale Seas Melodies. So Zeelah joined the band and is the perfect drummer for the formation.

This summer will be rather quiet for the band, with two festival appearances, one at Hop Farm and the other at the Lounge on The Farm. So if you’re planning on going to either, make sure you don’t miss Pale Seas, and let them take you away. Check out the video to the beautiful ‘Bodies’ below and  then go find them on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Coralie Pilte.

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