With a brain filled with atmospheric 80s inspired dream-pop the charming Lara Smiles has huge aspirations. With a new single and an acclaimed producer on her side the London based singer-songwriter is certainly heading in the right direction in the pop landscape.

Smiles is not to afraid to rock up and show off her roots, having previously spent her songwriting life penning punk tunes on her guitar, attending all night raves and spending three years in all girl alt-rock band The Berettas with cult success. Now the singer has taken a dramatic change of course with her solo outing, yet still maintaing the honest musicianship she’s grown up with.

Alongside the impressive backing from producer Tim Bran known for his work with La Roux and Richard Ashcroft, Smiles’s new single ‘A Million Times’ is brimming with colourful layers of synth-pop along with a mesmerising chorus that could sit her comfortably next to the likes of Ellie Goulding and M.I.A. With the right producer and an ambitious single there is no telling how far she can go and no doubt that Lara Smiles is ready and willing to make that big jump into the mainstream.