Being a Saturday night the venue is nicely full and slowly more and more inebriated making it a perfect atmosphere for Crowns. Mixing their blend of traditional cornish folk songs with a rough punk rock aesthetic and pace. Not everyone may be here for the headliners but after a summer of smashing the festival circuit a new one, the audience still give them the attention they deserve and command with a stage presence you’d expect from a band with twice their experience.

The band hit the stage like a punk band should, that’s with all guns blazing and enough grit to make The Clash proud with track ‘Four Walls’. Following on with songs from new album Stitches in the Flag the four piece show exactly why they’ve been asked to support the likes of Dropkick Murphys and The Levellers. With a can of strongbow on the go and dressed to impress frontman Bill Jefferson slightly reminds you of Shane MacGowan. In fact ‘My London’ could be mistaken for a Pogues song, just much faster and less intoxicated.

After a few songs to ease them in almost the whole crowd are having a jig (not quite a mosh) like they’re from cornwall themselves. With bassist Jake Butler sweating profusely as he gives it his all and Jack Speckleton does a surprisingly aggressive job of getting his mandolin to stand out more than anything else.

Coming back on for a tongue in cheek encore, Crowns end the hour long set on fan favourite ‘Full Swing’ to the loudest singalong of the night. The only way this set could have been any better would have been if it was in a field on a hot summers day with a free bar. Still we can only dream.

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