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After a summer spent destroying the festival circuit impressing critics and punters alike, Exeter four piece Idiom have hit the road for another month in attempt to establish themselves as a headlining band. With years of experience on their side and after multiple tours with Skindred (the gods of showmanship) that they’ve practically been taken under their wing, the expectations of the bands live show are obviously high.

Despite the sparse crowd both the band and fans are clearly enjoying every moment. Guitarist Kris Gibbs looks more suited to a death metal band as he head-bangs furiously for the whole set with an unnerving demonic look in his eyes. Get this guy in Cannibal Corpse. Lead vocalist Matt Sharland refuses to have just an average show, he demands audience participation as he instantly gets the crowd on his side with old tricks of clapping along and the whole ‘I sing then you sing’ schtick. Sharland also has a voice that when he’s not singing almost immaculately is so guttural that it sends shivers down spines. Most notably on ‘Beast of Bodmin’ where his sheer vocal ferocity would give Cancer Bats a run for their money. Throwing in some unique mid song raps on ‘In The Fall’ that boasts a Rage Against The Machine influence, Idiom have an overall sound that’s unlike any other.

Although not delving too far back in the timeline of their back catalogue their set provides some wonderful surprises including a cover of Alex Clare’s ‘Too Close’ that gets even the most metal looking guys in the crowd singing along. The whole band go unexpectedly nuts closing the show on new single ‘Brain Dead’ as they jump off barriers and climb on shoulders.

Having been on the circuit for such a long time, now really does feel like the right moment for Idiom to take the next step up as one of rocks next breakout bands. Tonight proved that they’re certainly willing to take that step.

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