Combining long lost theatrics with beloved rock and roll, Felix Hagan & The Family are quite possibly the most flamboyant band in the UK today. With new EP ‘String Up The Entertainer’ combining the lunacy of Gogol Bordello with the classic rock nostalgia of Queen, it’s no wonder that they made an avid fan out of punk rock troubadour Frank Turner. Once they supported him at the Hatfield Forum in their biggest show ever, the potential was exposed.

Alongside two twisted female backing singer sidekicks who add a spice of cabaret with their gothic charm and choreography, Felix Hagan is so boisterous with his massive personality, it’s remarkable how he’s managed to capture it on record. As he sings about lust and sin like it’s still the 1800s (See ‘My Lords and Ladies’). With his tongue firmly stuck in his cheek, Hagan is exactly who you’d expect to be cast as Johnny Depp in a musical adaptation of Pirates of the Caribbean. With a grasp of literature that is hard to match and a way with words you can only desire, Felix Hagan & The Family aren’t on a mission to string up entertainers, they’re here to provide the rebirth of them.

New album ‘String Up The Entertainer’ is out now on Debt Records. To listen/purchase it, click the link below!

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  1. Seen the band live for the first time this year. Must admit i was impressed lots and lots of energy and some cracking song’s. Looking forward to seeing them again I suggest if you get the chance you take it, you won’t be disappointed.

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