Electronic music is the hydra of the digital age, as one sub-genre appears to die, three more spring up in its place. Drawing from both new technological advancements and the successes of the past, it can never get stale for too long. Danish artist Tobias Pedersen, A.K.A. Beastie Respond, takes this creative recycling up a notch with his unique take on half-time drum’n’bass.

Combining a love for Com Truise style 80’s synths with a background as a reggae drummer, Pedersen has developed a genre-blending repertoire that flicks from soulful soundscape to gritty stepper at the drop of a (hi-)hat; see free track ‘Rose Quartz’ on Soundcloud.

His album Fictitious Nostalgia, released earlier this year on Copenhagen based label Teal Recordings, is an intelligent, funky affair. Given its distinctly autonomic flavour, it is unsurprising that one of Pedersen’s biggest supporters is Exit Records head honcho and electronic pioneer Dbridge, who even commissioned a track from the Dane for his label’s latest compilation Mosaic Vol.2.

With his constant stream of remixes and increasing number of DJ nights, Beastie Respond is certainly one to keep an eye on, so check out his Facebook for all the latest news.

Ben Hindle

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