They’re more Scottish than The Proclaimers, and they’ve got more mainstream appeal than Biffy Clyro; The Lafontaines are probably the biggest thing going on in Scotland right now. The LaFontaines are a musical half way point between Rizzle Kicks and Don Broco, with cheery pop-beats and well-placed rap. Don’t let that fool you; they’re not the kind of band to get stuck in a stylistic rut, just producing song after song which are all exactly the same. In fact, The LaFontaines are managing to create songs that make each other stand out, each track out-doing its predecessor.

Lyrically some of their material is actually quite glum, but that’s what makes The LaFontaines real. They don’t hide behind cheesy-pop to sell their work. They get to the heart of things, as much as any rock band out there, it’s just that they’ve masked it in a really lively fun packaging. You could say that they’ve taken the edge off a little.

Their live show is phenomenal, although their tour path rarely gets much out of Scotland; so if you get a chance to see these guys, make sure you take it! With their most recent single ‘All She Knows’ having been out for well over a month, The LaFontaines are really starting to pick up some momentum. They’ll be supporting All Time Low on their visit to Scotland in March next year. We can only advise that you get on-board with these guys before they’re huge.

Callum Cornwell

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