Many words spring to mind when you hear the newest track from nu-metal royalty Limp Bizkit, and none of them are particularly pleasant ones.

‘Lights’ quite frankly sounds like a bad joke. Fred Durst’s old man rapping, amidst trap synths and irritating cheering backing vocals may be one of the most ridiculous things you’ll hear this year. “It’s important to say goodbye to my kids/You know you better behave” he growls, full of angst and sounding less convincing than Lindsay Lohan does claiming she’s innocent. The chorus (if you can call it that) is trying its hardest to be deep and meaningful, but just comes off as insincere and weak. It’s almost as if they didn’t think before releasing the track.

They try to salvage it by throwing in an unnecessary guitar solo by Wes borland, but it ultimately does nothing to help fix the situation. It’s essentially a lost cause at this point. If this is a taster of what’s to come, then we’re not sure we want to hear it.

Limp Bizkit headline the Kerrang Tour in February.

Zoe Coxon

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