Dave Grohl is everywhere. Omnipresent and all-powerful, everything he touches turns holy as he. From Foo Fighters’ frontman to Black Flag’s bassist, Grohl can turn his hand to anything and it’s instantly more magical. He is an official godlike genius after all.

After a couple of chance meetings and a fast friendship, Grohl flew to Nashville to record with the Zac Brown Band, and Volume One of the Dave Grohl Sessions was born. Released just a month after recording, it’s pretty much just as you’d expect: well-produced Country, with a bit more bite.

Edgy it’s not, but there’s a sense of heavy joy missing in their back catalogue that’s present here. Yes, there’s still fiddle-a-plenty, but there’s something else. It’s easy to attribute everything to Grohl and the addition of his urgent drumming at the forefront is definitely a big factor. Brown’s voice is also a lot less affected though, especially on first standout ‘Let It Rain’, showing the world he too could front a stadium rock band. Maybe. The same can be said for third track ‘Day for the Dead’, with both songs much fuller-sounding, more interesting and just more fun than previous work. The acapella section at the end is the highlight of the whole EP, worth listening through the rest just to hear that alone. It’s clear that each band member is pulling their weight, but the effect is tight and dense, not messy.

Though it seems strange at first, Dave Grohl has played on sessions for everyone from The Prodigy to David Bowie. The Zac Brown band has been going for over a decade, and they know what they’re doing. The two together, though not quite a spiritual force to be reckoned with, are definitely a step in the right direction. As Brown said himself, “The truth is, we’re going to experiment.”

Jodie-mae Finch

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