Like your music with a bit of attitude, a dash of spunk and a whole lot of sass. Then the new We Are The In Crowd single ‘The Best Thing (That Never Happened)’ will be right up your street.

Fronted by the feisty Tay Jardine, the American pop-rockers latest effort has an influx of poppy rhythms and up-tempo melodies that, when coupled together, showcase We Are The In Crowd at their best. Bringing together their distinctive pop-rock sound of their previous EP Best Intentions, with synths and typical pop-rock guitar riffs, the band progress on their previous sound, undoubtedly appealing to a wider audience and bringing something new to the table for older fans.

With rock breakdowns and a chant of ‘ohs’ adding to the punchy mood, it’s only emphasised by the explosive chorus that oozes feistiness, climaxing with the lyrics “I’m the best thing that never happened to you.”

It’s bold, it’s sassy and it’s obviously a dig at someone. This is the new We Are The In Crowd, bringing pop-rock back to its roots and placing them ahead of the league in this saturated genre.

We Are The In Crowd’s new album Weird Kids is out February 18th and tour the UK in 2014

Niamh Moore

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