Is revisiting a catalogue of music and turning it into a purely acoustic EP a sign of a lack of imagination and new ideas on a band’s part, or is it instead a masterful idea to turn something good into something better? Boston band Transit are the latest to commit this crime. But are the acoustic versions of songs from their previous two albums Listen & Forgive and Young New better than the originals?

The answer is actually yes. It’s funny how the stripped back versions of songs such as ‘So Long, So Long’ tend to showcase them at their primary brilliance. It’s like stripping down layers and layers of paint that’s built up on a wall over years. As you strip it one coat at a time, you’ll find the essence of the wall hidden underneath. Give it a spruce up, add a new colour and what you’re left with is inescapably better than the pre-existing version.

The acoustic guitar strums notes around Joe Boynton’s prominent vocals and the enveloping harmonies serenade to highlight every lyric at it’s best. This EP is easy listening at its core, an album for bedtime or to stick on during a leisurely drive. It’s rare to say that an acoustic re-release outshines it’s predecessor. But in this case, taking away some of the overpowering elements has helped showcase the best points of each of the tracks from Futures And Sutures.

Rebecca Rayner

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