Ex-Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins is likely to continue to earn money from performance royalties, even as he spends years locked up for child abuse crimes.

As the lyricist and singer of the band, it’s been reported that the pedophile rock star could pocket an estimated £100,000 in royalties since he was arrested and charged last year

Watkins, 36, will be sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court in South Wales on Wednesday (December 18th), for a string of depraved child sex offences that he plead guilty to late last month.

Music lawyer Craig Brookes has explained that as a lyricist, Watkins will obtain a large amount of any fees from the bands music.

Speaking to Wales Online, Brookes has claimed “The biggest income stream will almost certainly be publishing which, even if radio play has stopped, will still be pretty big.”

Brookes continued: “So you’re going to get money for plays in gyms and hairdressers and on juke boxes and all that stuff. They will say, ‘This is how much music is in the market place so it is likely you are due this amount. He will also get a publishing cut for any play Lostprophets have anywhere.”

On Wednesday, a cash generation peak is expected as Watkins is sentenced and sales aswell as internet searches increase.

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