After years of speculation, UK prog metal band SikTh have announced their reformation. The band (who can be blamed for the the birth of djent) were announced for Download Festival 2014 this morning.

The band split up in 2008 citing “a combination of factors” as their reason. Four years later in January 2012 an official Facebook page was opened leading to rumours and the band stating:

There will be another SikTh record and it will be our best, that’s a promise…And to clarify… when the time is right.”

Today guitarist Dan Weller said:

“We’ve always said that one day we would get SikTh back together and do another show and next year just feels like the right time to stop the talking and do it. We played Download in 2003 and 2006 so it seemed the obvious place for us to make a return.”

Other bands announced for Download Festival (13th – 15th June 2014) this morning include Dillinger Escape Plan, Volbeat and Suicide Silence. Tickets are on sale now

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