It looks like next year will be the official period for exceedingly cool duo’s to reunite, as following OutKast’s Coachella announcement late last month, Gnarls Barkley are set to get back together.

Current voice judge and member CeeLo Green has announced his reunion with producer/DJ Danger Mouse, via a video from TMZ on Sunday. In the video, Green is questioned as to when Gnarls Barkley will get back together and replies “Yeah, next year.”

The duo, who are best known for their smash 2006 hit ‘Crazy’, released two albums before Green returned to solo ventures, with his critically acclaimed album ‘The Lady Killer’ in 2010, that spawned another smash hit in the expletive ridden ‘F**k You’.

On the other hand, Danger Mouse has kept himself extremely busy in different realms, recording with his band Broken Bells, along with (the) Shins frontman James Mercer. Their second full-length ‘After The Disco’ is out next month. Alongside this, he has produced albums for Beck, Norah Jones, The Black Keys and Portugal The Man. Recently, he’s been working on the next U2 record.

Rolling Stone reported in 2010 that CeeLo Green said he wanted to work more with Gnarls Barkley. “We’ll definitely do one more,” he claimed. “And that’s so crazy, because we were only supposed to do one.”

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