One would usually expect to see “reincarnated” rapper Snoop Lion perpetually surrounded by gyrating ladies and toking from a large marijuana smoking contraption. One would also believe those two things to be slightly frowned upon by the government.

However, whilst attending a White House party at the start of December, Secretary of State John Kerry became acquainted with the rapper as they slapped shoulders and bumped fists. Snoop even posted a video of the interaction on his official instagram page, tweeting it with the caption:

“Boss life. me n john kerry at d white house !!!”

The video can be viewed via the PoliticalNews youtube channel below:

The meeting took place at a White House reception for Kennedy Center honourees, hosted by Obama on Dec. 8th. Snoop performed a tribute to Herbie Hancock, who was to be honoured, alongside opera singer Martina Arroyo, Billy Joel, Shirley MacLaine and Carlos Santana. The show will air on Sunday in America on CBS.

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