Baby Godzilla 

Here’s a little AA tip: if Baby Godzilla play near you in 2014, go see them. They’ve been roaming the UK and destroying small venues since 2009, and in the process, they’ve become bloody good at it. They’ve also earned a spot the 2014 Kerrang! Tour, which will see them trash bigger venues in front of confused Limp Bizkit fans, which is a spectacle that you’d kick yourself for missing.


Bleach Blood

From the ashes of The King Blues, London four piece Bleach Blood are continuing where the political punk clan finished off. Just adding an extra dose of electronica like it’s no longer a sin. With singer Jamie Jazz’s knack for an infectious chorus and drummer Invisible Frank’s admirable charm, it’s only a matter of time till they become a huge threat on the rock circuit.


Axis Of

Ireland’s answer to Biffy Clyro, Axis Of have already compiled an impressive list of achievements. With the successful release of debut album Finding St Kilda and tours with The Bronx and Twin Atlantic in a beat up old van, the weird alt punk three piece are setting their sights as high as possible on the smallest budget possible.


Chance The Rapper

After scoring major crossover success with his Acid Rap mixtape and guest spots on Childish Gambino’s latest record Because The Internet and Justin Bieber’s last single ‘Confident’, Chicago’s Chance The Rapper managed to secure himself a spot on the BBC Sound of 2014 list. After rumblings of a potential tour in the New Year with Eminem we can only see things going steadily uphill for Chance over the next twelve months.


Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun

Essentially Frank Turner’s fast learning apprentice Jim Lockey and his band The Solemn Sun have racked up a huge following in no time at all. Having just wowed crowds at Vans Warped Tour and gained critical acclaim with latest album Death, the folk punk group are the perfect crossover of Dropkick Murphys and Billy Bragg.



Picture the most vivid summertime gathering you can remember. The barbecue’s sizzling and saturating the air with mouthwatering aromas. Everyone’s full of optimism and beer. Then there’s Mixtapes, blasting sarcastically from the stereo, like yet another friend in the circle. Their raw yet melodic pop punk – fronted by two rays of charisma in Ryan Rockwell and Maura Weaver – provides some of the most tattoo-worthy lyrics and high quality songwriting this side of The Wonder Years. Do yourself a favour and become acquainted.


Felix Hagan and The Family

Combining long lost theatrics with beloved rock and roll, Felix Hagan & The Family are quite possibly the most flamboyant band in the UK today. Their new EP String Up The Entertainer combines the lunacy of Gogol Bordello with the classic rock nostalgia of Queen. Alongside two twisted female backing singer sidekicks who add a spice of cabaret with their gothic charm and choreography, Felix Hagan is so boisterous with his massive personality, it’s remarkable how he’s managed to capture it on record.


/_\drian Daniel

With musical influences being drawn from the likes of Prince and MGMT, young upstart /_\drian Daniel has a lot to show the world when it comes to his music. With two EPs already under his belt, Native and Memoirs of a Stoner, and touring relentlessly around New York City with his band, The Stoners, he’s slowly building an ever-growing fan base and hopefully after checking out some of his tunes you’ll become a fan too.



Wilson parties. He’s the dude that whips his dick out and flings it around. He’s that sweaty maniac that simply couldn’t care less about anything other than rocking out. He’s THAT guy, except he’s not JUST that guy. He’s five of those guys, and they’re all here to violate your ear canals with the best damn rock n’ roll available. 2014 will be Wilson’s year. Rip your shirt off, drink all the whiskey and go f**king mental.



Do you like your music sleazy? Chaotic? Catchy? If the answer is yes, we may have just found your new favourite band. These Irish bruisers managed to hold their own alongside the formidable Baby Godzilla on a co-headline tour of the UK, which is a major achievement in itself. With a follow up to their debut album in the works, Wounds are poised to take over the world. Or at the very least, your local boozer.

Words by Aidan Ducker, Leo Troy Sean Lewis and

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