Ten brownie points to you if you remember Michigan six piece Still Remains. After achieving critical acclaim for their first two records, Of Love And Lunacy and The Serpent, and having minor chart success with their single ‘Dancing With The Enemy’ the band disbanded in mid-2008, just before the boom of electronic laced metalcore that they had pioneered started to really launch off. After reuniting in late 2011 and spending 2013 writing their new record Ceasing To Breathe off the back of a Kickstarter campaign, the band are ready to try and claw back the fan base they ignored for so many years.

Kicking off on ‘Bare Your Teeth’ with the traditional stabs of metalcore we’ve grown used to over the past three years, Still Remains flourish with as much inspiration as we ever saw before they first decided to call it a day. Eschewing out the traditional self-defeating lyrical themes of most post-hardcore records of the past half-decade, front man TJ Miller has flipped the genre’s staple lyrics into a powerful self-affirmation of positivity.

There is something for everyone waiting to be discovered within this record, whether you like your breakdowns, melodies, harmonies or even gritty guitar parts you can practice your air guitar and headbang along to. ‘Crone’ and ‘Keeping Secrets’ showcase the bands more melodic edge whilst maintaining that heavy tone you love to destroy your ears with, whilst ‘Ceasing To Breathe’ and ‘Closer To The Grave’ steamroll over you relentlessly without pausing for a tea break.

Whilst this record should be held up as a gleaming pinnacle of electronic-esque metalcore, it’s very sad to say that this record came out a couple of years too late and just missed out on the boat. With the likes of There Is A Hell from Bring Me The Horizon and Reckless & Relentless from Asking Alexandria the style has arguably gone well past its peak now. This record may not have reinvented the wheel, but these guys are the unaccredited architects of the wheel in the first place. Check it out to welcome back the men who paved the way for some of your favourite bands.

Aidan Ducker

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