Amy Lee from Evanescence has sued her record company Wind-Up, due to claims that the label attempted to sabotage the group by appointing under-qualified promoters, TMZ reports. She is allegedly seeking unpaid royalties of $1.5 million as part of the suit. Lee has previously sued her former manager, Dennis Rider of Rider Management, in December 2005 for various charges.

In November of last year, Wind-Up announced it had sold a big portion of it’s roster’s output to the Bicycle Music Company, Concord Music Group and affiliates. The entire back catalog of Evanescence was part of this deal, along with Creed, Seether and others. Remaining bands on Wind-Up’s roster include Filter, The Darkness, Scott Stapp and Young Guns.

CEO and President of Wind-Up, Ed Vetri said at the time of the deal, “Our roster of platinum, multiplatinum and diamond artists will now be able to call Concord and Bicycle their new home. I am confident with the experience of their staffs and scale of the combined companies our artists will find continued growth and achieve even greater levels of success.”

Evanescence released their last album – a self-titled effort – in 2011 and toured off the back of it for a year.

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