Could 2014 be another big year for singer-songwriters? If Australian Vance Joy has anything to say about it then yes, it will be. After breaking through in 2013 with ‘Riptide’, which reached #7 of the Australian charts and #18 in the UK, Vance Joy announces himself with his debut EP God Loves You When You’re Dancing.

The EP is made up of five tracks, the first being ‘Emmylou’ which is fairly melancholic, as Vance Joy’s vocals glisten on top of the finger-picked guitar, as subtle percussion underlays the other instruments to give the track a sombre feeling. ‘Riptide’, is a song about love and someone perhaps not loving you back. The lyrics are very clever, giving connotations and dropping hints at what the true meaning is, singing ‘I wanna be your left-hand man’, which means he wants to marry her. The song is supported by the intricate strum of a ukulele.

The other three tracks again approach the topic of love. ‘Play with Fire’ sings the feelings of many lost romantics who feel like giving up, as a glockenspiel taps along the melody line to bring the song to a blissful ending. ‘From Afar’ rounds off the EP, replicating the feelings of someone who falls in love with a friend, and putting it into words as he sings ‘”Ah that’s just not the way that friends behave.”

With his debut  album set to drop in spring this year, if this EP is even a small snippet of what’s to come, then Vance Joy has the world of music at his feet.

Liam Rowlands

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