Currently on tour with Mayday Parade and Man Overboard, Decade are one of the UK’s biggest contenders in the pop-punk game. Their debut album Good Luck is packed to the rafters with all of the friends, pizzas and home-towns, you could possibly deal with.

There’s no eating your veg before dessert with Good Luck, Decade have dropped straight in with the album’s three singles and the title track at the forefront of the record. The title track itself has exactly the larger than life that all of the pop-punk classics have, it demands no effort and is all reward to listen to. ‘Brainfreeze’, ‘Callous’ and ‘British Weather’, are all absolute bangers. The rest of the album is left with a lot to live up to after these three. Quite honestly Good Luck doesn’t do much by the way of experimentation; instrumentally it ticks all of the pop-punk boxes but it doesn’t really push the boat out at all. Put simply, if you don’t already like pop-punk this album isn’t going to sway your opinion, because it doesn’t draw much from other genres. That said if you do like pop-punk, then Good Luck needs to find its way onto your playlist (and ‘British Weather’ absolutely must, best track on the album by a mile).

Despite having jammed all of their best tracks at the beginning, the second half of the album is still pretty damn good. Once or twice the tempo takes a slow turn and Decade border on becoming a little melodic, like in the intro for ‘I Don’t Care’, but if there’s ever a time to play about with your sound and find our feet, it’s definitely your debut album.

Decade have done the UK scene proud with Good Luck. They’ve found a sound that’s unique enough to make them their own band, whilst also nestling right down into the pop-punk mould. Good Luck is an audio pozzy jump.

Callum Cornwell

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