Opening with the intensely beautiful ‘Berlin’, the Berlin EP instantly captures your attention. A track that became well-known through the promotion of Sony Bravia’s new TV advert, ‘Berlin’ has a haunting quality about it that leaves you craving more. RY X, originally from Australia, is now based in Los Angeles and is gaining exposure as this title track has been further picked up by Radio 1’s playlist. The falsetto tones of ‘Berlin’ in particular are unlike anything around today – it’s nothing short of a delicate masterpiece that’s only fault is that it ends too soon.

To follow-up a track like that is a task in itself, but as ‘Shortline’ begins it isn’t hard to see that acoustic ballads are RY X’s forte. The main melody is beautiful alone but when paired with the soft but enticing drums it’s given all the more power. Not only is the instrumentation of note but RY X’s vocals are perfect for the sound; not too breathy and not too harsh, everything falls into place without a hitch.

‘Vampires’ is equally as enthralling, and with the hand-claps acting as percussion there’s a real rawness to it. The base of the track is again a solid acoustic bass riff which acts so well as a skeleton on which RY X builds his epic vocal lines. The only slightly lacking track is closer ‘Wanderlust’ which takes a piano base instead. Though this isn’t its failing factor – in fact it’s a nice change – the pace is just a little slow in comparison to its predecessors. Saying this, its slow nature makes for a steady close and one that provides a full resolution.

Katie Vowles

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