In Autumn 2012, the much loved British emo band Basement called a hiatus to focus on their personal lives. Today, it was announced on the bands Facebook page that they plan on reuniting to play some shows in the summer of 2014.

The band claimed on a status on their official Facebook page that when they put out the hiatus statement, they thought that they would be away from the band for “a while”, because they believed that they wouldn’t have time to focus on anything other than their personal lives. However, they claimed that “this was not the case” and that they plan on “playing shows” in the summer.

Basement found cult popularity for their raw and heartfelt take on post-hardcore. Their pre-break-up album, Colourmeinkindness, was met with near universal critical acclaim upon its release. The band had been away for 2 years, with no hints at their return, before this announcement today.

The dates and places are not confirmed for their return, and whether this will lead to a full tour or an album can only be speculated upon at this time. Still, this announcement has undoubtedly left a lot of their fans elated, and they are sure to be welcomed back onto the British music scene with open arms.

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