Straight off of Stricly’s dance floor Sophie Ellis-Bextor has released her new album Wanderlust which features single ‘Young Blood’. Her fifth studio album is packed with sparkle rivaling that of her dancing shoes.

Wanderlust sees the ‘Murder on the Dance Floor’ singer embrace her electropop side with the help of Calvin Harris, Joseph Mount and dance legend Nervo allowing the album to fall straight into Ellis-Bextor’s Alice in Wonderland style fairytale. With her other albums barely making the Radio 2 playlists this album is bravely a whole new style for her steering herself back towards a younger generation.

‘Birth of an Empire’ and ‘Until the Stars Collide’ allows Ellis-Bextor’s bewitching pop diva to shine through with her newly acquired Florence and the Machine sound. Although there are some places where ‘Wanderlust’ really works as an album, there are others where it doesn’t quite make the cut with ‘Love is a Camera’ sounding as though she has put a beat to a nursery rhyme. Songs such as the piano based ‘Young Blood’, the lead single on the album and by far her prettiest creation to date, and soft ballad ‘When the Storm has Blown Over’ lets her showcase the voice that is somewhat lost behind the glitter and fantasy of the rest of her creation. ’13 Little Dolls’ shows that she doesn’t just stick to one genre, with its rock infused sound we can finally imagine the cool and collected girl finally letting go and rocking out to this track.

Although breaking away from her usual style and creating a good album, Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s attempt at shaking off her ‘Murder on the Dance Floor’ one hit wonder name has once again failed. Bextor seems to have been too caught up in creating her sparkly fairytale than making a hit that stands out on this album.

Laura Tompkins

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