February, the time of the year when dreary moods and detoxification from festivities encapsulates the public. However, pop-rockers Blitz Kids are set to inject the liveliness back into a bleak outlook with the release of their new album The Good Youth.

Yet, The Good Youth may serve as a rebirth for the band. Following on from their 2011 release Vagrants & Vagabonds, this album showcases the band coming into a league of their own, developing and expanding their sound, while retaining the energy from their previous songs. This development can be heard no more so than in ‘Sometimes’, the dance-infused, Kids In Glass Houses-esque melody marking a different direction for the band. With a soaring chorus and chanting conclusion, ‘Sometimes’ is a hit in the making.

After taking it down a notch for ‘Keep Swinging’ and ‘Long Road’, the band blast straight into ‘Sold My Soul’, the heavy instrumentation grabbing the listener’s attention immediately after two of the slowest songs on the record. ‘Sold My Soul’ oozes confidence and a certain boldness, making it one of the highlights from the album. Interweaving the poppy tunes with rock anthems showcases the versatility of Blitz Kids, from the lighter-waving ballads to the chunky guitar chordss, the pop-rockers collate various sounds from each ends of the music spectrum and fuse them together, creating the sound of Blitz Kids on top form.

Frontman Joe James’ vocals are also on point, climaxing between pop-punk and velvety, a characteristic tone that has defined Blitz Kids from their formation in 2006 and serves as the backbone of their new release. Confident and polished, the fast-tempoed ‘On My Own’ serves as a highlight of the album, showcasing these improved vocals with a hint of vulnerability lurking in the delivery.

Positivity and optimism meanders throughout the album creating a memorable and infectious record. With anthemic choruses and soaring melodies, The Good Youth showcases Blitz Kids on top of their game and paving their way to the top in 2014.

Niamh Moore

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