Tennessee trio Paramore have released a record-breaking (quite literally) music video for their single ‘Ain’t It Fun.’

Their pop-infused track, complete with flame-headed Hayley Williams’ impressive vocals and a gospel choir breakdown, sees the band tackling a more mainstream sound compared to their previous releases.

Climaxing with one of their most catchy choruses, Williams croons “Ain’t it fun, being on your own,” a free-spirited mood is emitted from the chorus crescendo-ing towards a fitting conclusion, a backing gospel choir “Don’t go crying to your mama, ‘cause you’re on your own in the real world.”

It seems the days of pop-punk guitar riffs and teenage angst-ridden lyrics are six feet under for Paramore as Williams’ croons, “This is the real world,” filled with sunny synths and rosy riffs. Yet, Williams’ boldness unravels around the lyrics, creating a more confidence sounding Paramore with bassist Jeremy Davis and guitarist Taylor York completing the line-up.

Emphasising this free-spirited mood is the video, which sees the trio breaking a series of world records including most cartwheels in twenty seconds while wearing boots and fastest time to run backwards holding stuffed animals while blindfolded for thirty feet. Quirky and light-hearted, this is Paramore 2.0, no longer angry at the departure of two founding members back in 2010.

Nothing screams free-spirit more than leather wearing Williams’ riding backseat of a convertible, hair in the wind, singing, Right?

Niamh Moore

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