In theory, a collaboration between a spoken word performer and a laptop DJ should be confined to the toilet circuit for all eternity. Yet Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip’s collaboration has somehow managed to sell out the 800 capacity Wedgewood Rooms. Gathered tonight are a disparate selection of drunks of all ages, eagerly awaiting their bearded messiah’s appearance.

But first, Itch.

Itch is perhaps better known as the mouthpiece of the recently deceased punk band The King Blues. His solo hip-hop career is in its infancy, and has received a mixed reaction from his fans. Doubters are made to look rather silly tonight though, as Itch proves he is still full of tangible charisma. The audience is initially sceptical, but Itch makes sure everyone is waving their hands by the end of his set: even if it means jumping into the crowd and physically waving people’s hands for them. Although slower moments such as ‘True’ are kind of a bummer, Itch proves that he is still a worthwhile performer purely due to the fact that he is Itch, and that in itself is worth seeing.

When Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip finally take to the stage, they launch straight into ‘Stunner’, which sees the crowd go suitably mental. The duo then perform a set-list comprised mostly of their most well-loved songs. Whether this sold-out show is the place to showcase tunes such as the atmospheric ‘Terminal’ however, remains questionable. Pip’s introspective insights often have less of an impact when a sweaty drunk is shouting inanities over them.

Still, when the set switches into its more upbeat moments, Dan and Scroob seem unstoppable. There is a definite party atmosphere in the Wedgewood Rooms, and the pair seem to revel in this. During ‘Stiff Upper Lip’, Scroobius claims that Oxford was the rowdiest place they’ve played, inspiring the biggest mosh pit of the evening, in defiance to that claim. The set ends with an extended remix of The Prodigy’s ‘Voodoo People’, which turns the room into an all-out rave.

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip prove that you can be talented performers with a message, and still put on a live show that gets people dancing. This makes them a rare diamond in the British live circuit. If you’re into music on any level, you have no excuse not to shell out to see them.

Sean Lewis

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