In 2012, former Woe, Is Me vocalist Tyler Carter announced a new project by the name of Issues. It’s unclear why people got so excited about the band, considering Woe, Is Me were one of the most forgettable bands to ever hop on the metalcore band wagon. Regardless of this, people got excited. Really excited.

Thankfully, Issues are not in the same vein as Woe, Is Me. Whilst they do have very, VERY cliché metalcore characteristics, it’s done with more of a knowing wink and a cheesy smile this time around. What makes Issues different to any other metalcore is the addition of RnB influenced clean vocals and nu-metal bounce (silly DJ Lethal-esque moments included). After the band dropped their EP Black Diamonds and a few singles, including a cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’, people were more excited than ever to get an Issues full-length album in their lives. Well, it’s finally here, and unfortunately it’s just about fallen short of the colossal hype surrounding it.

It takes a few listens to work out why the albums doesn’t live up to it’s expectations, but the reason is that it isn’t bad metalcore. In fact on the spectrum of metalcore today, it’s not bad, but it’s a bad Issues album. Tracks like ‘Stingray Affliction’, ‘Late’ and ‘Mad At Myself’ are enjoyable. They’ll make you sing along to Carter’s impressive Timberlake meets Shakira hooks, and you’ll do that silly bouncey thing with your hand during the Korn and Bizkit influenced breakdowns.

The album fails in the same way most metalcore albums fail: filler. The amount of lacklustre songs on the album that feel like they’re there to fill space and ensure the album hits the 40 minute mark makes the album feel limp-dicked and much more dull than it actually is. It takes a few listens to pick out the best tracks four or five tracks, and then the rest will have you reaching for the skip button.

Jack King

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