The second night of the latest Raygun & Release run at Roxx saw a multi-genre showcase, to promote Bulgaria’s Horizon Festival, which takes place March 8-14. Offering up a little bit of everything electronic, the line-up saw DJs from across the country cover everything from house to drum ‘n’ bass. Topping the bill was the master of chilled out Bristolian dubstep, Phaeleh, alongside noisy, young upstart DJ Barely Legal, and special guest Foreign Concept.

Of the headliners, first up was DJ Barely Legal. Contrary to her name (and appearance), this fresh-faced selector is in fact now 21; she’s only been Djing since 2009, but has made an instant impact with her special blend of garage, grime and dubstep. Her genre-jumping made for an energetic experience, the highlight of which was the ludicrously heavy instrumental from Dizzee Rascal’s ‘I Luv U’.

Next up, Phaeleh brought his trademark, celestial dubstep to the decks. Packed full of fan favourites such as the 2010 hit ‘Afterglow’, plus ‘In The Twilight’ and ‘Should Be True’ from The Cold In You EP, his set was never going to disappoint. The relaxed vibe was a shock to the system after the hype of Barely’s beats, and felt a bit out of place for a primetime slot, but the dance floor remained packed from start to finish.

The rest of the night belonged to drum ‘n’ bass. Organisers Gerra & Stone, delivered a stand out performance, stealing the night with their junglistic selection; before Foreign Concept closed off the event with the choicest cuts from the current d ‘n’ b spectrum, including the charity remix of his collaboration with Stray – ‘Bang It (Amen Bang Out VIP)’. Mixed nights can often lose some of their impact, as catering for everyone tends to dilute the individual effect of each genre. However, with the right DJs this isn’t a problem, and the Horizon launch certainly had the right DJs. The placement of Phaeleh’s set did mean that energy levels lulled in the middle of the night, however as a headliner and well-respected producer it was really his by right. Both DJ Barely Legal and Gerra & Stone shone on stage, and with performances like that, their phones should be ringing off the hook.

Ben Hindle

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