With Takedown Festival on the horizon Audio Addict has been taking a look at the bands we think are going to kick absolute butt on the day. Here’s five bands you just cannot afford to miss!


Birmingham metalcore band Aurora, led by the dainty & delightful Jessica Calvesbert, are first on our Takedown agenda. Their sound is quite honestly just metalcore, but what’s truly astonishing about the band is Calvesbert’s vocals and the way she can just flick between an angelic voice to the kind of grizzly vocals that’d put most male vocalists to shame. The band spent two years touring and writing, and they’re finally getting some stage time with some real heavyweights: Touring with the likes of TRC and even supporting letlive. We’ll be bright and early to catch them opening the Big Deal Clothing stage.


In 2012 Dead! opened the Monster energy stage at Takedown, having only played one gig together before that (a battle of the bands to win their Takedown slot), and boy did they kill it. The Southampton/IOW based band have spent the past two years wowing audiences up and down the country and now they’re back at the festival they started at, to knock everyone’s socks off all over again.


They’ve got a massive sound and really broad appeal, Hacktivist always kill it live. Their rather unique blend of hip-hop and metal has gained them an enormous following, made greater by their colossal cover over Jay Z & Kanye West’s ‘N*ggas in Paris’. The band are really going places, they’re now booked to play this years Soundwave festival under the likes of Green Day and Avenged Sevenfold. Their sampling is A+ and their stage presence is phenomenal; they all clearly know they’re the sh*t. Hacktivist might just be the most badass band on the Takedown line-up.

Baby Godzilla

Baby Godzilla are our scheduled adrenaline hit for the day. Their live set is completely off the chain. You can expect more carnage, sweat and disregard for stages than any band, even three times as heavy could manage. Having just finished the Kerrang! Tour with Limp Bizkit, (during which they played a Takedown warm-up gig, where a guitar got smashed clean in half) Baby Godzilla are definitely on the rise this year, so we plan to catch them now before they take over Tokyo or something.

Funeral For A Friend

It would be impossible to get through this list without pointing out how sick this year’s headline act is. Funeral For A Friend are serious heavyweights. With a career spanning well over a decade, the Welsh quintet have led the way for countless other UK bands and accumulated a serious fanbase along the way. After six studio albums, multiple chart appearances and numerous tours, Funeral For A Friend have really got this music thing down to a T.

With such a diverse line-up, with so many interesting and exciting bands, it’s fair to say that Takedown 2014 will no doubt be one hell of a knees up.

Callum Cornwell

Takedown Festival is at Southampton University on the 16th March. For tickets and more information click here

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