Noticeably, there is plenty of male musicians that have picked up an acoustic guitar, and attempted to make a statement through their music. The issue is, when you see a lot of these musicians perform, they are a duplicate of something you have already seen before. Originality is needed, and Newton Faulkner, fortunately, carries this characteristic.

Faulkner steps onto the stage alone. Ginger-dreads, burgundy shirt, baggy jeans. Opening song ‘Where to Start’ is moderate; the only support comes from the blue beam of light shining on him. He’s just warming up.

Second song ‘Won’t Let Go’ picks up the tempo a little, what was interesting during this performance was Faulkner picking up his guitar, and in a true Hendrix fashion, directing the front of the guitar to his mouth. The audience expected him to play with his teeth; he instead used the guitar as a microphone and sang into it, creating an extraordinary sound that echoed around the room.

Just when you thought the man couldn’t become anymore superior, it turns out he’s a comedian too. “I’m just going to pour a cup of tea. I haven’t forgotten the gig.” A cello player then joins them on the stage. He raises his mug and places it back down, to then perform ‘I Took it Out On You’. Two gentlemen also join the stage during the first verse, one who is Newton’s older brother, Toby Faulkner.

‘Treading Water’ displays Faulkner using the palm of his right hand to hit the bottom of his guitar, his right handed fingers to tap the front of his guitar, and his left hand on strings to create the illusion he’s playing two or three different instruments. The audience become completely still, steady, and silent, just like a 13-year-old girl waiting to hear the X Factor final results.

After a bit of silence, Faulkner becomes a comedian again, “I’m going to try a social experiment.” He then covers Justin Timberlake’s ‘Like I Love You’, which for some reason got the audience in hysterics from start to finish. We can’t say we got the joke.

Kenya Scarlett

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