It’s been over two years since punk rockers I Am The Avalanche put out a record. With raving reviews accompanying their last record, a sense of trepidation and excitement has been culminating around the band’s recent album Wolverines, set for release 17th March 2014.

With the Brooklyn band settling on the heavier end of punk rock, and now dwindling to a trio after the departure of two members last year, the momentum and aggressiveness has not diminished, unlike the size of the group. Opening with ‘Two Runaways,’ I Am The Avalanche pick up where they left off; sounding like a hawk, stalking its prey and stopping at nothing to obtain it, in musical terms. It begins with a feeling of enragement and soon enters into a world of swooping pop punk with moments meandering throughout its duration of fist-pumping anthems and angst-ridden lyrics.

Lead single ‘ The Shape I’m In’ showcases the band in top form. Rallying guitar progressions may not bring anything new to the punk rock table, but it doesn’t have to: this is punk. It is fast, fist pumping and fierce while still remaining highly melodic.

Vocalist Vinnie Caruana’s identifiable vocals from his previous band Movielife, continue to become more distinguishable, sung in a way that lingers between singing and yelling, oozing the passion and pain in the lyrics. These harsh vocals are heard on ‘Young Kerouacs’ as Caruana sings “I’ll be looking after you when I’m dead and buried,” yet somehow does not come across as harsh but rather passionate.

While remaining true to their roots and original sound, I Am The Avalanche has managed to develop within the punk rock genre. What distinguishes them from the mounds similar-sounding bands is the vocals. They’re harsh yet melodic, passionate yet brisk, which also highlights the juxtaposition heard in the music as well. It’s punk with a peppering of melody, a pinch of hard-hitting rhythms and a pile of passion.

Niamh Moore

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