Metalcore seems rampant these days with most bands claiming to be a new version of the overdone genre, and not many can pull it off. Each song soaked with chugs and breakdowns lacking anything properly imaginative and original. Times are tough for a metalcore band to be properly taken seriously. There is the obvious few that have managed to break away from the mediocrity that surrounds the genre, but most seem to fall to the ground after a few years touring the UK’s toilet circuit.

Now, with Architects, there has always been something a little bit special. Since Hollow Crown, their sound has seen a rollercoaster of changes, and nearly derailed them completely with particularly soft The Here and Now, but this tour sees the beginning of their new album Lost Forever // Lost Together. Architects are one of the bands that truly set themselves aside from other acts. Their stage presence alone is enough to get anyone moving, but with the accompaniment of their intricate tech metal-riffs, they take no prisoners with their heavy metal carnage. All hell breaks loose as guitars screech and wail alongside vocalist Sam Carters vicious screams and shouts, accompanied by hellish drums and a deep, hypnotic bass line.

Architects truly show what it is to be in a metal band; almost trend setters, as it were. They use a distinct tone which would rival some death metal bands, using meticulously timed notes and chords to make an explosive cocktail of techy-breakdown insanity.

But it’s not only the schizophrenic riffs and time signatures that makes them stand out. They combine the dark, headbang inducing verses with soft melody driven choruses. Carters singing voice matches his vicious screams with a powerful singing voice which harmonises perfectly with the melodic guitar play.

Lastly, Architects have a message. They are more than just a beefy-headed metalcore band. Behind each song there is some form of message, be it personal or political. They are quickly showing the UK (and the rest of the world) why we should be taking notice of the injustice of the modern day.

Rory Kelly

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