The royal persona that we’ve seen from King Charles’ in his music videos; big-buttoned blazers, tight waistcoats, high riding boots and clean slick white shirts, are soon to be forgotten at his first gig of the year at the Mo’Club in Southampton. If we could possibly still describe him as a king, he is posed as the scruffiest, yet coolest one going. He walks on stage in an ordinary fitted suit, with his white shirt unbuttoned to his stomach and long chest hair sprawling out.

He begins his set with new tracks that King Charles’ fans have heard for the first time. He looks serious, with his eyes shut for a couple of songs, noticeably absorbed into his performance. His character – that everyone recognises him for – is unleashed as the first chords in ‘Bam Bam’ are introduced. The song is so catchy, you can’t help but let your body dance around. The energy in the warehouse-shaped building is vibrant. Charles falls straight into his comfort zone, knowing that the song never fails to get the young crowd going.

His music is incredibly upbeat and cheerful with childlike twangs and a xylophone played in the background. This is especially heard in ‘Lady Percy’. Live however, his music comes across much heavier with guitar solos that push him into the indie/rock genre, despite the twinkly pop rhythms. The mix of opposite ends of the pop and rock scales are hard to understand at first; pink, blue, white and yellow lights are gleamed over the crowd creating ‘happy’ vibes, yet the crowd get rowdy to ‘Love Lust’ when Charles has to restart the song due to wrong timings. His attempts at head banging during the guitar solos mean his squished up hair, shoved into a bobble is flapping around the stage, creating a rock ‘n’ roll, yet very camp image.

For a man that’s only ever been happy to make music, he’s obviously chuffed with his success and makes the effort to meet and greet his fans at his gigs; “Yeah, yeah, would love a photo, get in!”

King Charles is, without a doubt, the happiest performer going.

Eleisha Wightman



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