Just over a fortnight ago, Bipolar Sunshine (AKA, Adio Merchant of Kid British fame) made his US debut at SXSW after supporting both Rudimental and Phoenix in February, HAIM and Bastille last year and selling out his last London and hometown show in Manchester respectively. Tonight he’s braced for possibly his most intimate venue performance yet; The Joiners for a night of swaying, clapping and creating what he likes to call ‘vibes’.

Spotlights switch on as Marchant’s patronage walk onto the stage followed by the cool and breezy front man himself, dressed in a patterned shirt and jeans this man knows he doesn’t need to dress to impress. “Vibes, Vibes” Marchant repeats over before opening with ‘Drowning Butterflies’ swaying as he sings. Like sheep, the room sways along with him before he delves into unreleased track ‘Deck Chairs on The Moon’ asking the audience to provide him with ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ sounds for what was cleverly built into a catchy chorus. Marchant begins with saying he wants people to interpret his songs in their own way, before the guitarist changes to acoustic for ‘Watchtower’ consisting of exquisite harmonies toning down the set and leaving everyone including the drummer of the band mesmerized.

“I’m going there! They’re going there! You’re going there! We’re all going there!” Marchant proclaims before the band hammer out ‘Rivers’ consisting of Wah-Wah guitar effects, a drumbeat with a mind of its own and controversial vocals alternating between slow rapping, pop-like chanting as well as smooth crooning and indisputably everybody was chanting the chorus by the end. That argument from The Notebook blares out through the speakers during ‘Fire’ in which Marchant mixes lyrical speech with actual singing. The closing song of Bipolar Sunshine’s set, ‘Love More, Worry Less’ is what Marchant proclaims is the whole concept of his music, relies on Marchant’s warm vocals to see the beginning of the song through before building up into a stadium-ready chorus driving every hand in the room to be hitting up against it’s twin as the room chants “Tell me if you need someone to lean on, lean on” repeatedly after Marchant. Bipolar Sunshine pose for photos before leaving the stage as well as leaving everyone in the room wanting more.

Sarah El-saeidy

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