Amidst the hustle and bustle of last months Takedown Festival, we managed to grab hold of Alt-Metal crew Idiom, interrogating them about their new EP, pre show rituals and Download festival.

The new EP dropped in February through Metal Hammer and ASDA. Did you get the reaction you were expecting?

Grant: “Yeah, more so generally. It was just great. We’ve got it coming out next month as well through WHSmiths and Metal Hammer. But it’s been really really good, really positive.”

You’ve played with the likes of Cancer Bats and Skindred. Is there anyone you’ve not played with that you think you’d be a perfect match for?

Grant: “Enter Shikari, that’d be wicked.”

Kris: “Korn.”

Grant: “We’ve played with a lot of bands that we aspire to already. But sort of like fun bands generally.”

You’ve said before that Idiom formed with the intention of playing Download, and you’ve done that. What’s next?

Grant: “It’s weird that. We want to go back and play a bigger stage or even main stage hopefully. There’s a lot of European Festivals like Rock Am Ring.”

Kris: “Rock Am Ring.”

Grant: “Reading would be cool as well.”

If there was no rock, metal, or guitar based genres generally, what music would you play?

Kris: “Classical.”

Grant: “I’d probably just follow a trend and do like, dubstep or something. Like… playing with Skrillex.”

Your live show is genuinely entertaining. How do you make it as good as it is?

Grant: “I think it’s because we have a lot of fun regardless. I think even if the crowd weren’t having fun, we’d still have a good time.”

Kris: “Even if there was no-one there.”

Grant: “We just don’t give a s***. No, we have good fun doing it and I think the crowd kind of feed off that vibe. Even when we play in front of people that don’t list to that sort of music normally, they’re sort of like ‘well, they’re having a good time, so…’”

Kris: “Ultimately, we write music that we love to play. So obviously when we do perform we just enjoy it and we’re gonna go a bit mental.”

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Kris: “Not really.”

Grant: “Nothing that I have to do, it more like, if I can I like to warm up and stretch and stuff. It’s not a necessity though.”

Kris: “We’re not very good at that. You know bands that fist bump and huddle and stuff. We don’t know where half of each other are before we go on. Like, we don’t know where Matt is right now. Maybe if we make a DVD or something we could do one just so it looks like that’s what we do all the time.”

Grant: “We don’t have a pre gig ritual. But we do have a post gig ritual where we all cuddle up in the van. Asleep. Lonely and cold. That’s out ritual.”

Are there any bands you’ll be making sure you catch today?

Kris: “The Smoking Hearts, they’re good friends of ours. Feed the Rhino.”

Callum Cornwell

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