The talent show trend of judges releasing albums to show their contestants how it is done, strikes again, with The Voice’s new judge Ricky Wilson’s band Kaiser Chiefs sticking to this unwritten rule.

The Kaiser Chiefs, who for 7 years have kept going due to their infectious shouts of ‘Ruby, Ruby, Ruby’ and ‘I Predict A Riot’, have stormed back onto the music scene with their latest album ‘Education, Education, Education and War’ which is the first album without Nick Hodgson (Drummer and head songwriter) after he quit the band.

The new formation of the Kaiser Chiefs in simple terms tries too hard. Although ‘Education, Education, Education and War’ may be considerably better than some of their previous titles it tries too hard to say we don’t need Nick Hodgson to write our songs anymore. When on some of the songs his help is noticeably missed.

‘Misery Company’ is difficult to listen to, and one that if you didn’t have one beforehand will most certainly give you a headache by the time it’s finished, with the chorus making Wilson sound like a laughing mechanical robot.

Although he may now be a Saturday night household name Wilson’s lyrics have created an incredibly angry album mocking the British political system (as shown in the title). ‘The Factory Gates’ hears Wilson singing about how day in and day out life in the Factory never changes.

Lead track on the album, ‘Coming Home’ will easily make it as a BBC Radio 2 record of the week, not like this is a bad thing, but the track is the definition of playing it safe.

In a nutshell albums like this one have been made hundreds of times before and without the catchy sing-a-long anthems the Kaiser Chiefs used to cement their names in the indie/rock world this one will barely make a ripple in an already large ocean.

Laura Tompkins

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