Britain, the land of classic entertainment duos – Morcambe and Wise, Harry and Paul, Ant and Dec(?), and from the world of drum & bass, Dub Phizix and Strategy. Known for their humorous offstage antics, the Mancunian DJ and MC combo shot to fame following their collaboration with Skeptical, the moody stomper ‘Marka’, back in 2011. Concluding the current four-part Raygun/Release run at Southampton’s Roxx, the pair took over the Funktion-One system for an evening of underground madness.

Consisting of majority Dub Phizix’s own material, the DJ took the crowd on a journey through the seedy depths of DnB. New Critical banger ‘The Clock Ticks’, the popping collab with MC Skittles ‘I’m A Creator’, and the aforementioned ‘Marka’ were all deservedly well received. The set was capped by ‘Salford John’, a charity tribute to John Millet, who had become a legendary raver on the Manchester scene before he was killed in January.

For an artist who debuted only four years ago, Dub Phizix has already constructed a uniquely recognisable sound. Imagine a blend of techstep, jump up and juke all played through Monty Python’s machine that goes ‘ping’ and you’d be headed in the right direction. The hard percussive style acts like an adrenaline syringe, oozing energy onto the dance floor, and maintaining it through to the early hours.

Strategy was on hand with vocal support throughout the set. Drawing on his experience as one half of hip hop duo Broke’n’£nglish, along with his time on the drum & bass scene, the emcee offered up a mix of general toasting and lyrical musings to break up the beat.

The dynamic pairing of Dub Phizix and Strategy made for an entertaining night. Their charismatic nature can’t fail to impress, and with a strong circle of collaborators around them, a new northern invasion has truly begun.

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