Electro emo five-piece Breathe Carolina have stepped into new territories with the release of their new album Savages. The release sees the Denver band mash together a mixture of alt-rock, metal and dance-pop all in one album. All polar opposites you might think, any more genres and it may as well be an edgy teenagers iPod on shuffle, however the band will surprise you. The new turf is very similar move to that of which From First To Lasts’ Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex) took to not long ago, since which he has reached global success. Is this what is in store for them? Savages shows the bands’ diversity as well as their competence at making well produced dance music.

Songs such as bass heavy ‘Collide’, ‘Bang It Out’ and ‘Please Don’t Stay’ may have the names for classic emo rock songs, but echo a feeling of Ibiza and Mallorca party holidays, and wouldn’t be out of place on booze cruise out in the Mediterranean. Tracks vary from the mind boggling dance to the more ambient soundscapes found in the house genre.

However ‘Sellouts’ (featuring Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria), sticks out like a sore thumb, which is expected as it’s the only metalcore track on the whole album. As far as the song goes, it’s a solid and goes by the common conventions, but why was it there? It feels like an spanner in the works which was previously a very smooth running machine. If to show the musical capabilities of Breathe Carolina in the metalcore genre, then it fails to do so as it’s extremely generic and completely breaks the albums once powerful flow.

Savages brings together a carefully segregated mix of alternative rock, metalcore and clubland dance-pop to create a truly off-the-wall album that messes with the boundaries of electro-rock and dance music. Producing dance tracks that adhere to both dance and rock song structures which rival the current chart hoggers at their own game. Could Breathe Carolina be heading for the charts? It seems possible.

Rory Kelly


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