Showing off both her aggressive rap style and her angelic singing voice, The New Classic is the perfect mix of complex rap and pop choruses. For her debut LP, Iggy Azalea stretches herself to please the masses, but also to show them who she really is. Braving it in a male-dominated industry, Azalea holds her own against her competitors, proving why she deserves the huge support she already has.

‘Fancy’ and ‘Work’, both of have been previously released, are the stand-out tracks of the album as they provide huge hooks along with Azalea’s perfected rap style. The former contains the irresistible hook from Charli XCX while the latter focuses on Azalea’s harsh rap, explaining how she came from nothing and worked to get where she is.

Unfortunately there are places where some verses feel a little confused, such as the forced dance tracks ‘New Bitch’ or ‘F*ck Love’, while ‘Lady Patra’ has an over exaggerated nature, that makes it almost comical, especially with Mavado’s guest verse. Despite this, ‘Black Widow’ (featuring Rita Ora) stands out as a brilliantly crafted hit – with Ora’s effortlessly strong chorus vocal and Azalea’s flow on top form, this track is brilliant in every way.

‘Don’t Need Y’all’ is reminiscent of Drake’s classic ‘Started From The Bottom’ as Azalea sends out a definite message to those of her past, singsing “I remember when I wasn’t this big/And now ya’ll wanna act like ya’ll helped me get here…I did all this on my own.” Elsewhere, ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ is a hugely inspiring light in the dark as Azalea reaches out to her fans: “Keep on living, keep on breathing/Even when you don’t believe it.” ‘Goddess’ is equally motivating as she speaks out against sexism and racism, calling out those who believe only black females can rap: “A white girl with a flow ain’t been seen before/Bow down until your knees get sore.”

Releasing an album entitled The New Classic is a gutsy move, especially when it’s a debut. While the album certainly has its share of hooks, Azalea will need to work much harder to make a true classic.

Katie Vowles

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