Ok, so technically London based indie rockers Union Sound Set débuted in 2010 with their critically acclaimed album Stop / Start, but after that, they seemed to vanish in to thin air. So where the hell have they been?

Truthfully, you can’t really begrudge the band once you know the full story. Not only did the band produce and mix their entire new record, To The Wolves, themselves, but guitarist Dan Best literally built a studio by hand for the purpose of recording it.

Once heard, it’s difficult to begrudge the band for taking their time. Everything sounds meticulously crafted, combining Sigur Ros-like crescendos with twinkly, old-school emo guitars and pounding, off-kilter drums that keep the album from sounding too rigid.  It’s often minimalistic, but in its subtlety, To The Wolves see’s Union Sound Set truly find their sound. Take the single and opening track, ‘I Can’t, So You Will”, which builds upon simple keys and a stop/start drums into a dramatic climax of strings and swooping post-rock guitars.

The band are also playing a few shows with Edd’s brother Charlie Simpson, and are also playing in London for the launch of the album, which is available on the 19th May. You can give the single a whirl on the band’s website and see what you think.

Sean Lewis

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