Betraying The Martyrs, technical metalcore from Paris, France take The Joiners by storm with their eloquently sharp riffs and blindingly heavy drum fills at the beginning of the night. The band are an established metalcore act in their own right, in both the UK and Europe. Vocalist Aaron Matts powers the band forwards with psychotic high screams and monstrous low gutterals. Matts’ vocal delivery is extremely ominous and powers over the band gracefully, as a good vocalist should. He is accompanied by keys player/vocalist Victor Guillet, who occasionally gives his much more human-sounding shouts and again powers over the music to make a poisonous yet smooth sound alongside Matts’ vocals.

After The Burial, whom have their much more technical and groovy sound take to the stage shortly afterwards. The Minnesota five-piece play mind bogglingly fast and complex riffs that almost put power metal acts to shame. With this they have a djent-esque groove about them that makes psychosis seem inevitable. They play truly mesmerisingly technical metal without missing a single note, whilst flailing about the stage in true rock ’n’ roll honour.

Headlining the night was Born Of Osiris, deathcore gone a bit more technical. However the Chicago boys seem to be all partied out by this night as the vocalists voice could only be heard to the first few rows at the front. Despite starting off well with ‘Machines’ the show’s quality slowly receded. Despite the vocal hiccup musically they were just above par. Tech-metal has been done to a better quality, but Born Of Osiris focus their strengths on accurately timed breakdowns and classical string interludes. The music leaves a foul aftertaste as it’s pretty generic, but the band play it well and know their strengths and play to them well. The true disappointment was the vocalists delivery which never really kicked into gear. Overall the band were amusing to a point but became boring relatively fast, they however had great stage presence and stepped up to the headline mark.

Rory Kelly

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