After opening band, You Blew It, set the mood of this show to be that of an incredibly fun one, the nerdiest band in rock music wander onto the stage. Brunswick, MD’s Modern Baseball are not the kind of guys you would expect to be in a band touring the UK for the first time at only 21 years old, while studying at college along side, they’re the kind of guys who you would expect to sit awkwardly at parties stroking the cat in the corner. However the 4-piece whose lyrics consist of taking photos on Instagram posting statuses to Twitter, brighten the room up with quirky puns and on stage banter that’s a pleasure to be a part of. They churn out hits like ‘The Weekend’ and ‘Your Graduation’ with grace and dignity while the crowd storm the stage, grab the microphone and even flip off the stage. At one point during the show, Brandan Lukens, one of the band’s 3 singers even had a little kiss planted on his cheek, and proceeded to turn a little red.

After excitement of Modern Baseball, headliners Real Friends bounce up with a cry of “Who’s ready for some fun?” cranking up the pace. Dan Lambton the band’s vocalist is easily the most interesting part of this band. He throws himself around with a slightly irritating but mostly extactic grin on his face while The Joiners shouts the words right back at him. Unfortunately, the other members of the 5-piece pop-punk outfit, are not so captivating. Both guitarists never move, with the straightest faces even seen by man, just playing the songs they’ve written. There’s no passion, there’s no energy, literally just playing the songs perfectly to record. Which of course is a commendable trait in itself but if the audience wanted to see that, they’d have gone to see Oasis or something of that ilk, not a pop punk show, the shows that are known for being fun, energetic and one to remember. Real Friends, however stale the guitarists may be, are straight up pop-punk done well and it’ll be one to remember for years to come.

Steven Fox

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