Wolf Alice, the band that are lethargic backstage of the Wedgerooms in Portsmouth, hugging pillows, looking laid-back as if they could drop off to sleep any second, came more than alive on stage, turning an intimate venue into a warehouse of energy. Their indie pop sound bathed in grungy guitars flatter the venue; they’re both as ‘kick-ass’ as each other.

The group shouldn’t be defined as your average indie band, the quiet to loud transitions we see many try to achieve – Wolf Alice has it down to a ‘T’. They start their set with ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’, a new release from their Creature Songs EP. It begins with 6 short seconds of slow strums on a guitar that snappily bursts into a weighty guitar riff. Vocalist Ellie Rowsell’s relaxed and harmonising voice compliments these guitar riffs as the soft verses are taken over by the intensity of the chorus. The quick change in tempos is invigorating live as it gets the crowd going.

‘Blush’, being the slowest, but is the one track that has everyone singing back the emotive words to Rowsell. She looks over the crowd and smiles as they create a united atmosphere. The vocalist has a very unique stage presence, as she looks serious, calm and still but during the guitar solo in Storm she steps back and gets induced into her guitar. Her movements are graceful yet stern which gives the band an edgy flair.

Theo Ellis, the bassist who struggled to keep still throughout the set shouted, “Last time we played here we played to like 14 people, so this is great”, which was later followed by his plunge into the audience. Despite being different to many other bands, TEllis brings them back to their threads; rock ‘n’ roll.

‘Fluffy’ see’s out the show, the song that gained them recognition from NME, XFM and the BBC. A possible contender for the best song of the night, all members put every little piece of energy left into it. Drummer Joel Amey is drenched in sweat but still hits down on the drums like they’re his worst enemy. Their commitment is admirable as they hurry off stage looking like they need to flop.

Wolf Alice, aren’t a new band, they’re the new band. Their electrifying show did no other than prove this.

Eleisha Wightman

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