Sprawled out all over the dressing room, lounging around is Wolf Alice. A new four-piece band from North London who has an alternative pop sound that includes aspects of grunge. The group consists of Ellie Rowsell (vocals), Joel Amey (drums), Joff Oddie (lead guitarist) and Theo Ellis (bassist). We sat down to talk about their tour, new EP, upcoming festivals and their plans for 2014.

How’s your tour going so far?

Joff (guitar): really good, super good.

What’s been your favourite show so far?

Theo (bass): Portsmouth! Na, I liked Guildford.

Joel (drums): Liverpool went really well, every show! But yeah a massive thanks to everyone that’s come to our tour!

Is their any song in particular that’s gone down well with the audience?

Ellie (vocals): I think everyone likes Blush, It’s easy to sing along to and everyone loves Fluffy!

As you guys are from London, are you expecting your last show to be a highlight of the tour?

Theo: We always but a lot of pressure on those shows

Joel: It’s sold out!

Oh that’s exciting, have any of your other shows been sold out?

Ellie: Yes a few

Joel: Yes last night was sold out; they’ve all been really busy

Are your London shows often sell-out events?

Joel: Yeah I think every single time

Ellie: We find London is different to other places, we have much more of a like, gig-bond

Would you say they’re your best shows?

Theo: Not nessacerily, one of them was awful

Joel: I wouldn’t say because were in London their the best shows, its also not really about whether the gig was sold out

Theo: When you start off I think there’s not much of a difference between the shows because the audience isn’t really forgiving

Ellie: A lot of industry people come down to the London shows, and sometimes their not very fun but our last London show was great so I think this one will be too

Any funny tour stories you can tell us about?

Theo: I threw up out of a window; I threw up in the actual hotel, people travelogding me! F**K

Do you guys still get nervous before your shows?

Theo: We still get nervous, if your not nervous then I think you should be worried; we never get tired of being nervous.

So your EP is out on the 26th May, are you happy with the result?

Joel: Yeah I can’t wait for everyone to hear the other two songs, were looking forward to seeing how it goes down

What would you say if your favourite track from that EP?

Ellie: Err were not gonna say, it’s the last one.

Theo: Since writing it, I’ve kind of forgotten it. So when I listen to it I’m like, hmm what were we doing there? Its’ cool makes it interesting.

We love Moaning Lisa Smile.

Theo: Yeah we love those mega riffs

So do you guys have any musical influences as a band?

Joel: Yeah we do, definitely. Individually were all into so much stuff, and theirs some that inspire us, were all into cultural things.

Could you name any band/artists in particular?

Ellie: Growing up I would listen to the Strokes, Nirvana, the White Stripes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Do you think they’ve affected how you sound now?

Theo: Theirs still some bands I listen to where I’m like, I want to use that sound. But I don’t think it affects our writing.

So you guys are at a few festivals this year, is their one in particular your most looking forward to?

Ellie: Definitely Glastonbury

Do you prefer playing at festivals to smaller venues?

Theo: They’re quite different; I don’t think we’ve done enough festivals to know yet. We were only given a little taste last year. Where we played last year is nothing of the weight of like T in the Park so we’ll probably have a better idea at the end of the year. But, they’re different environments, there’s no walls outside.

Ellie: What?

Theo: I know that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever said

Joel: What like when you spewed up at the Travelodge

Is there anyone you’re looking forward to seeing at Glastonbury?

Ellie: I’d like to see Arcade Fire, Jack White, The 1975

Theo: The 1975, again

Ellie: Yeah theirs lots of people

Joel: Jurassic 5 and were playing on the same stage as Brian Jonestown Massacre which is the coolest thing that’s happened, to at least me anyway. Not Theo, he’s done some really cool stuff.

Like what?

Theo: Loads of s**t man! I’ve been bungee jumping 4 times!

So you guys have been really busy, you’ve had BBC airplay, been recognised by NME, XFM etc., is their anything that’s particularly memorable?

Ellie: I think when Hugh Stevens played Moaning Lisa Smile, he played it twice in a row that was pretty cool, and he was really funny as well.

If you could work with any artist or band, who would it be?

Ellie: Justin Timberlake

Theo: Pharrell

Joel: Yeah Pharrell would be tight

Theo: I’d like to work with Timberland actually and that’s not a joke. I’d love to make a record with Timberland; I think he’s one of the greatest musicians ever.

Joel: I think to work with us, weirdly because I’m not the biggest fan of them, would be the guy from the Black Keys. As a producer I think he’s phenomenal. I think we would work with the biggest pop star at the time. Like Miley Cyrus, you’d love that Theo.

Theo: I would marry her.

So have you guys got any plans for after the summer?

Ellie: We’ll be recording our album.

That’s exciting!

Joel: Yeah it’s going to be a very fun. It’s been a long time coming!

Have you got most of it written?

Joel: Yeah its all-pretty much in the bag, we might knock out a few more. We would be doing it now but with the tour and then the festivals we don’t really have time.

Will we be hearing some of the tonight?

Joel: Yeah we won’t just be playing the stuff that’s out already, were road testing new material, so they say.

So who are you listening to at the moment?

Ellie: We’ve not been listening too much new music at the minute; I need to get back into the swing of it.

Eleisha Wightman

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