Having the almighty task of warming up a packed arena is a daunting enough task as it is. Throw in the added pressure of warming up a crowd here to see the pop supergroup McBusted and any band’s knees may quiver. However, this task does not phase pop-rock quartet EofE, striding onstage, commanding the excited crowd from the offset who greet the band with teenage squeals.

Opening with the infamous riff to Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ the Black County band capture the audience’s attention straight away. Hands clamber in the air as the grunge anthem calls for a sing-a-long. However, vocalist Tom Harris launches into Michael Jackson classic ‘Billie Jean’, his velvety vocals weaving seamlessly around the high and low pitches.

This high energy is emitted consistently throughout the short set, commanding the crowd to jump and scream over their 20 minute slot.

‘Kiss Me Like You Mean It,’ was another highlight, the song an arena sing-a-long waiting to happen. Opening with a chorus of ‘Woahs’ highlight how musically tight EofE are live. Harris’ vocals resonate through the BIC as the crowds’ arms rise into the air for an anthemic chorus that explodes throughout the venue much like the bands energetic stage presence.

Nearing the end of their slot, the band perform ‘Piece Of You,’ which “is about a girl Dan missed a chance with in high school,” according to Harris. As the arena is illuminated with various lighters and phones that have been raised in the air it is apparent that the four-piece have succeeded in what they set out to do, warm up the crowd for McBusted and win the hearts of Bournemouth.

Niamh Moore

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