There’s no denying it – 2014 is indubitably the year of the saxophone within pop music. Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea recently smashed all kinds of chart records worldwide with their sax-led team effort ‘Problem’, and whilst their fellow K-pop star PSY and his rap legend comparde Snoop Dogg almost derailed the instrument’s musical conquest with the erroneous ‘Hangover’ last month, top-tier South Korean girl group SISTAR seem adamant to set it back on track with their boisterous comeback single ‘Touch My Body’.

Accompanied by a splashy visual that utilises every summer trope to it fullest extent – alongside a bizarre nighttime scene that involves a swing, the sea and what appear to be seagulls – the track is looking likely to be a worthy contender in this year’s race for K-pop smash of the summer, bubbling with an undeniable electro-pop charm that’s wrapped in a suave sax exterior.

‘Touch My Body’ serves as the lead single for the group’s third EP Touch & Move, released today in South Korea. The release is expected to appear on the UK iTunes store soon.

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  1. I have yet to hear the songs on the album but I’m kind of disappointed in the song. I agree with you about the sax, it was also in Sunmi’s Full Moon MV too. The outfits are nice though. Some of the dance is ok but the leg move part looks odd especially when Dasom doesn’t seem to be in sync with the other girls, it looks like they are all doing different moves to be honest.

    Still, a nice post by the way! I have a blog where you can read and comment about my posts on Asian pop culture and video games. Hope you’ll share and check it out!

    I also write Japanese and Korean language posts every six months and I’m in the midst of writing my Korea travel posts.

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