Photo Credit: Hannah Caffrey
Photo Credit: Hannah Caffrey

It’s time for Part 2 of our Summer Playlist! As promised, it features cigarettes, a French house banger and water park-based raps, all essential elements of having a cooler summer than any of your Instagram friends.

Flume – Change ft How To Dress Well
Everyone and their dog (I wish) was at Flume’s Coachella set this year. How To Dress Well aka Tom Krell is probably completely unknown to you, but it’s okay, just know that he sings like an angel, and that this tune is a welcome addition to a drive time soundtrack. Just wind your window down, put one hand on the wheel and one out of the window for maximum effect.

Gorillaz – Empire Ants ft. Little Dragon
Gentle acoustic strums, reverberating keys and Damon Albarn’s relaxing likely lad tones move into electro synths and a groovy bassline accompanied by the adorably sweet vocals of Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano, which makes for two contrasting but equally summertime friendly parts to an underrated song. That sentence was long, wasn’t it…?
Okay, this is cool as fuck but no one really knows it is cool because it wasn’t a single.

Grimes – Oblivion
Sounds pretty cute, doesn’t she? Don’t even go there, Claire Boucher put herself through absolute hell to make the album this song is on. It’s strange how floaty this track turned out considering the painstaking process it took to make it.

Heems – Wild Water Kingdom
Wow! It sounds like a water park theme tune, but with tight raps!
“Bitch, I’m wavy!” and “I’m a fucking wavepool, Wild Water Kingdom!” are great things to shout when the paddling pool is out on drunken summer nights.

Jagwar Ma – What Love
Another FIFA favourite. Actually, if you listen to the FIFA soundtracks, there’s always at least one song that embodies hot days playing football down the park. Plus, Jagwar Ma is fun to say.
“Who’s this, mate?”
“Jagwar Ma” :))))))

James Miller – The Sarcophagins
This a sunset song with a solid drum pattern, sit outside in a deck chair after a couple of beers and reflect on how sometimes life passes by without you noticing.

Kindness – House
Adam Bainbridge is bezzy mates with Dev Hynes, has long hair and is an incredible dancer, so naturally he’s a chill dude. This is a pretty chill song for those downtempo evenings with pasta and wine. Just pretend like that’s something you do, instead of having a quick Rustlers burger.

Kurt Vile – Baby’s Arms
An acoustic song that is anything but vile. Mr. Vile has a slightly rough voice, but so does Bob Dylan and everyone reckons he’s pretty special. If you have a partner, have an evening picnic in a field and embrace each other to the sweet sounds of Kurt Vile. N’aawww.

Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)
Everyone knows house music sucks ass and no one really likes it, but occasionally there’s a track that actually deserves some recognition. The Magician doesn’t do much except put stabbing keys and a generic house beat behind Lykke Li’s majestic vocals, but fucking hell, it works.
If you really can’t be arsed to do the whole two-step fist-pump thing, the original track is just as glorious.

M.I.A – Paper Planes
This was played to death in 2007, but now it’s been long enough for people to shout “AAAAHHH THIS TRACK THO” and lick off pretend shots on the chorus. Of course, M.I.A is probably one of the coolest artists out there, but you don’t need to know any other tracks except this.

M83 – Couleurs
“Yeah, Saturdays = Youth was much better than Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming because it has an eight and a half minute long French house anthem, but no one knows about it because it wasn’t on a fucking Persil advert” (THIS COULD POTENTIALLY BE YOU SAYING THIS, GET TO KNOW!)

Mac DeMarco – Ode to Viceroy
Viceroy is a brand of cigarettes, and smoking is cool, so play this one while slightly squinting, nodding and taking occasional drags for maximum effect.

Metronomy – The Look
This song was on Sex, STDs and Overbearing Parents or something similarly titled, and hedonism is how you and your friends live because you’re young and free (you nobheads), so listen to this while you masturbate to the thought of having sex with real people.

Miike Snow – Pretender
We’ve established that stabby pianos work sometimes, this is another one of them ones. One of the lyrics is “now I notice that I drink too much”, which probably strikes a chord with you so listen to it when you’re “raving” or whatever it is you call being drunk in a room containing more people than just yourself.

The final instalment will be up later this week and it features come-up music, come-down music and a guy who loves dogs, so make sure you check that or you’ll only be running at 66% cool.

Nathan Butler

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